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mary ann

this was your first collage attempt???????? it looks pretty good to me! your previous blog posts are pretty neat as well... thanks for sharing...

:) mary ann


These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Fantastic job!!! I'm wondering...how large are they? I can see them displayed in a beautiful room with dark earthy colors, or even black.

tammy hanna

Wow, you're a natural. This is stunning, so graceful.


I love this peice. The texture and movenemt add to the amazement I feel when I hear that this is your first collage. Breathtaking!

Judy Scott

This is lovely, as a patchworker Im thinking; what a lovely quilt this would make. Beautiful, Judy x

melanie komisarski

wow, I am so impressed at your first attempt at collage! You're a natural :)

Beautiful series... Thanks so much for participating at Inspire Me Thursday!


This is so pretty! It has an Asian feeling to it - the simple lines of the stem and the flower and butterflies. The background looks like textured rice paper...I only wish I could see a larger version:>

Tongue in Cheek

Soft colors and the wave movement flowing on the three (rice paper?) panels gives it an Asisan feel. Good Job!!

Robyn Smith

Absolutely beautiful. Congrats on being solected as one of the featured responses, too.


this is fantastic! great work with the collage!


First attempt?!! Wow! You are a natural! It is very pretty.

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