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Paris Parfait

Love the story of the crocs! I've never seen those in Europe, but have heard how comfy they are. Nice post.


Loved your post! I've seen a few people wear these shoes & I'm so curious to try a pair on. Love all the yummy colors crocs come in.

I can completely relate to your story. I have a pair of Bjorns (Nordstoms purchase too) that are so comfy but they're kinda funky looking and I'm a bit self conscious when I wear them. But I tell you... it feels like I'm walking on air when I have them on.


I've never had a pair myself but I loved your pic and the passion you have for them! :)


I want a pair of pink ones! Maybe I'll pick up a pair for the summer. Fun!


HaHa.Found you..and am I ever glad I did. I can't wait to give the Crocs a try. Anything to pamper my aching feet. Thanks for the good info and laughs.

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