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Poor puppy. :( You're the second blog I've read tonight that posted a doggie tribute.


He's a darling. Often the biggest doggies make the most lovable and loyal pets. We have two basset hounds and although short they are by no means little.

They think they're little and are lapdogs and that can be a problem. =O)

Dr. John a friend to doggies, as well as people told me to come over to your blog this morning and shout a hello! I'm glad he did.

Take care.


So sorry to hear about Yoshi.Hes a beautiful dog.I lost a dog last year and I know how devastating it is.
Dr John directed my path over to here:)


Awww...what a cutie. I'm sorry for the loss of Yoshi. Our pups sure become part of the family.

Visiting because you're Dr. John's link of the day.

Jan Miraglio

Dr. John and I are both saddened by the loss of your beloved dog.


hi, i'm one of dr. John's friend, and i'm here to leave you my deepest of condolences to all the family. what a beautiful dog, a beautiful name and such a tragedy of an ending. i send you all hugs.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. i hope you can all enjoy the holidays while missing your buddy.

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