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I totally agree with you!! I actually work full time for one of those companies that imports stuff from China...told my boss yesterday that I will be leaving, and I feel ten times lighter because of it!!


Well best of luck to you! I'll be sending nothing but good wishes to you!

Gosh, how terrible what you've gone through. Don't let them get you down! Everyone has had experiences like that. {how sad is that! I've had a few incidents myself...+ it's always with the people you were friendly with before you agreed to do work with... a lesson to the wise}

The good thing about owning your own business... you can select who you want to work with. Be choosey, be direct, + be as clear as possible. I put absolutely everything in writing. I require a third up front on all projects. If they bark about it, I see it as a red flag. Always make they sign a detailed contract.

I'm sure you do this too. Unfortunately sh@t happens bc there are... unfortunately, sh@tty people out there!

Jonathan Woodward


I have just been introduced to your blog through your 'green' entry for Illustration Friday (loved it by the way - great style and works so perfectly for the subject - very organic looking!)

I also wanted to say good luck for your future plans. Last year I was made redundant from the Graphic Design job I had had for 5 years - and it was the best thing that has ever happened to me as I no longer work to make someone else rich and put hours and hours of unpaid overtime in just because I was committed to doing a good job - of course no one else ever noticed.

I now do Graphic Design freelance work and am also going for my goal and passion of becoming a full time illustrator.

I'm lucky that my wife is a business coach. Since losing my job, we run our businesses over the internet and are location independent - so far this year we have lived in Panama for 2 months, currently in Buenos Aires for a month and then on to Canada for 3 months (originally from the UK) - it's like a dream come true and could never have done it working for someone else.

One thing I do is get clients to pay up front before I start work for them, I never thought it would work and thought they would refuse but they are always happy to pay and don't even question it - this means cash flow is never a problem (I used to get burned from late payers that meant months of waiting for and chasing payments.)

Anyway, I'll stop rambling about myself - just wanted to encourage you and wish you the very best of luck - go for it.


Just a passer-by...

First, I really love your work... it will be (IMHO) your path out from the desk.

Second, the desk stinks as a permy way of life.

Sistah, I hear you. Working for cheaters, scamps and a plethora of greedy "business men" rots.

I'll check back. So glad to have found you here being creative and keeping a fire burning for a better, deeper way.


Nothing but good wishes to you girl.

All that talent I believe shall be put to excellent use soon.


THE BEST OF WISHES IN YOUR ENDEAVORS. And for working at a desk for a bunch of robots -- sucks. And the guy who wanted to add all that stuff to the website .... he needs to get a clue. This is why I have such a hard time freelancing ... I have almost quit doing it. Unrealistic expectation and non payment. I also told myself a couple of years ago NO MORE FREE WORK FOR FRIENDS. But of course, easier to say than do ;)

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