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Cool! I like this a lot!

michael dailey

very simple and graphic which is always the best and the hardest to do


i love this.
simple, but really energetic at the same time. :o)


cool! Lots of energy, movement with simple lines and colors. I also like the symbolic sense of liberation.


Nothing wrong with combining inspirations! This is a great concept piece.

Pattie Mosca

The colors...the vibrant feeling of the piece....SO GREAT!! Wonderful! Yes, two birds with one terrific piece of art!!


Very Cool Illo....don't stress about combining IF and IMT, I have done it a few times and nobody really minds :)


This is so pretty! I really like the colors against the black background...and there is a real feeling of flight. Lovely:>


Really nice! I love the dramatic colors! :D


very cool...it's bright, crisp, clean & lively.


Oh its so beautiful.

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