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Slice of Pink


Allison Hartigan

Aunt Nancy,

I feel your pain in the PC department. At my previous job I was surrounded by MACs. It was glorious. No troubleshooting, No crazy unorganized desktop folder-files, No constant firewall updates...if I want something saved somewhere, I just DRAG it there..No "save as" madness. If photoshop is frozen and inDesign is running at the same time, no need to fret--just "force quit"...end of story! Now it's control-alt-delete, restart and PRAY!...I'll have 2 people standing behind me showing me something and they must think I've never used a computer before because I don't know the stupid shortcut to clear my cookies. Ok, found and cleared the cookies..now where the hell is clear cashe? Oh, in an entirely different place--THAT MAKES SENSE! I just can't catch on to their "right click/left click" world. I want to scream "I'm not an idiot! I haven't used a PC in years! Why in the world do you people make this so hard for yourselves!" Anyway, it is an entirely different world and I feel like a child who's just learning to use a computer! I miss my old ibook so bad--I'll even catch myself dreaming about it at night. Why, in office environments, where efficiency and multi-tasking are a must, do they insist on using these stupid PCs? Do you know how much more work could get done if we didn't have to deal with these stupid PC platforms? It must be some huge conspiracy by corporate big-shots in order to keep workers from getting ahead. Instead we're miserable and frustrated in our cubicles, waiting patiently for our computer screens to unfreeze, so we can get back to using Microsoft office or some other out-of-date software program--why should work be happy and easy and FUN!?

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