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beautiful colors!


If I wouldn't have Fall I wouldn't cry for that ;-)
Your illustration is so clear and lovely.

Nancy Lefko


and I know what you mean....I missed that quite a bit during the time we lived in CA....I also missed the sound of the wind whistling through the leaves

great idea for the topic!


Hi ! I loved the beautiful fall colors...I live in Philly and can enjoy the splendor of changing colors up close...but am envious of CA weather whent it's wintry and dreary in December.Enjoy Chicago ! BTW, Ive added u to my blogroll.Hope u don't mind !


no kidding, i live in l.a. and i miss fall color, too! (i miss green mostly--it's so brown here!) i love your tree, it would make a beautiful quilt as well.


I love the fall. Awesome colors.


simple and beautiful. Love your colours.

BJ Lantz

Fall is my favorite of all seasons and having spent the first 11 years of my life in the Adirondack mountains, I dearly miss the color here in Florida (where we have 2 seasons - green and brown). Your illustration gives me a taste of the season and a desire to throw caution to the wind and spend the $$$ to go north again this October!!!

Connie Martin

I love your simple design. I've lived out of the States now for 37 years and the fall is what I miss most. Enjoy!

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